Rating The Global Financial System

The Global Financial Complexity Index™ (GFCI™)  is a meta-index which measures the complexity of the global financial system. The GFCI™ is based on the closing values of the indices of the World’s main market indices and is computed on a daily basis. Essential to the global investor, the GFCI™ measures the ‘temperature’ of the entire international financial system.

The index is based on the past six months of trading. Its values are absolute (>0). High values indicate intense interaction between the various market indices which are the following:


The function of the GFCI™ is to combine the above 50 indices into one single meta-index.

The GFCI™ has predictive capability. Two examples are illustrated where one may notice how a drop in the GFCI™ precedes a fall in major indices such as the DJI or the NDX.

The GFCI versus the DJI (June 2013 - April 2016). data source: bloomberg

The GFCI is computed on a daily basis but may be delivered at an arbitrary frequency, including near-real time.