Universal Ratings Launches Novel B2B Rating System

Singapore, 12-th June 2016. Universal Ratings launches a novel Rating System. Aimed at global and institutional investors, the system is an objective, independent and transparent rating platform.

Engineered specifically for a turbulent and complex economy, the system rates the Resistance to Shocks (RtS) of a company, an investment portfolio or generic financial products. An RtS rating quantifies the ability to absorb shocks, contagion and destabilising events and is paramount towards sustainability and wealth conservation.

Universal Ratings offers RtS ratings for:

  • Stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, futures, options, etc.

  • Portfolios

  • Stock markets, systems of markets, indices

  • Single corporations

  • Systems of corporations

  • National economies, macro-regions

  • The global financial system

"Resistance to shocks is the foundation of sustainability. Our ratings have the objective of aiding investors in incorporating a science-based approach to sustainability, asset allocation, portfolio design and strategic decision-making" said Dr. Marczyk, Executive Chairman of Universal Ratings. "The key feature of our rating system is that it is objective. We have eliminated the so-called expert opinion from our ratings” he added. “Transparency is guaranteed by the fact that our rating engine may be accessed by anyone as a B2B service.” he concluded.

The rating system is delivered in B2B context, whereby clients submit their data to UR's server via a web-service. The service is based on SOAP specifications (Simple Object Access Protocol) and communicates via the http protocol. A near real-time solution is also offered whereby the rating engine is licensed and runs directly on the client's servers.

Examples of Resistance to Shocks Ratings available in Bloomberg Terminals are illustrated below by typing <NH RTS> or via the Bloomberg Mobile App.


About Universal Ratings.

Established in 2016, Universal Ratings Pte Ltd is a privately held Singapore-based company. Universal Ratings rates stocks, portfolios, ETFs, bonds, funds, futures, corporations, markets and countries. Such ratings allow investors and managers to quantify the degree to which a corporation, a market, a portfolio or a country can withstand the turbulence and shocks that characterise the global economy.

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Jacek Marczyk

Visionary, scientist, businessman and writer with over 35 years of experience in QUANTITATIVE large-scale Uncertainty and Complexity Management in diverse fields (manufacturing, finance, economics).

Author of nine books on simulation, uncertainty and complexity management, rating.

Developed in mid 90s the theory of eigenvalue orbits, a generalization of the concept of eigenvalue.

In 2000-2005 has developed the first Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT), including a comprehensive measure of complexity.

Founded Ontonix Complexity Management in 2005 in the USA and launched in 2006 the first commercial system for MEASURING and managing complexity: OntoSpace.

In 2007 launched first on-line Resilience Rating for businesses, an objective and transparent rating system:


In 2009 delivered real-time technology to measure the complexity and stability of patients during operation or permanence in Intensive Care Units.


Developed a new theory of risk and rating published in 2009 in a book entitled "A New Theory of Risk and Rating".

Over last decade develops quantitative complexity management (QCM) technology and solutions for applications in economics, finance, Risk Rating and Management as well as in Asset Management and medicine. In the past five years works towards the democratization of ratings.

In 2013 he founded London-based Assetdyne, focusing on design of complexity-based high-performance portfolios and complexity-based asset allocation and asset management.


He is currently focusing on creating a new Rating Agency and a fund which will be managed via complexity technology (QCT).