Universal Ratings offers the following classes of products, which provide fast, ultra innovative near real-time information data streams and signals for investors and traders:

Complexity measures and rankings of:

  • Stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, funds, etc.
  • Market indices

Resistance-to-Shock ratings of:

  • User-defined asset portfolios
  • Listed companies (example report)
  • Private companies
  • Markets

Systemic risk ratings of:

  • Systems of corporations
  • Systems of banks
  • Systems of portfolios or funds

Global Financial Complexity Index (GFCI). The GFCI meta-index is used to provide signals which anticipate drops in major indices such as the Dow or the NASDAQ.

In order to obtain the above products two delivery options are available:

  • Via UR's Web Service whereby client submits a data stream to our server and we return complexity and RtS ratings.
  • Our analytical engine is installed directly on client's server and integrated into a trading platform or IT system.

In both cases our staff assists client in establishing a secure connection and integration of our engine.

Contact us for pricing information and for a demo.


We offer access to a free on-line demo tool which allows users to assess the Complexity and Resistance to Shocks of stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, futures, market indices.

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