Universal Ratings offers the following classes of products, which provide fast, ultra innovative near real-time information data streams and signals for investors and traders:

Complexity measures and rankings of:

  • Stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, funds, etc.
  • Market indices

Resistance-to-Shock ratings of:

  • User-defined asset portfolios
  • Listed companies (example report)
  • Private companies
  • Markets

Systemic risk ratings of:

  • Systems of corporations
  • Systems of banks
  • Systems of portfolios or funds

Global Financial Complexity Index (GFCI). The GFCI meta-index, is used to provide signals which anticipate drops in major indices such as the Dow or the NASDAQ.

In order to obtain the above products two delivery options are available:

  • Via UR's Web Service whereby client submits a data stream to our server and we return complexity and RtS ratings.
  • Our analytical engine is installed directly on client's server and integrated into a trading platform or IT system.

In both cases our staff assists client in establishing a secure connection and integration of our engine.

Contact us for pricing information and for a demo.


We offer access to a free on-line demo tool which allows users to assess the Complexity and Resistance to Shocks of stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, futures, market indices.

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