Until today, rating has not been a science. In fact, rating agencies themselves claim that ratings are opinions. Our ratings are science, not opinions. Numbers, not sensations. Our ratings are fully automatic.

In a turbulent economy, resistance to shocks is the new key reflection of the sustainability of a corporation or an investment portfolio.  In fact our ratings go beyond the outdated concept of Probability of Default (PoD) -  UR computes a Resistance to Shocks Rating (RtS) Rating.

Since the global economy changes quickly, our rating goes beyond the concept of a 'static rating', computed, say, on an annual basis. We offer dynamic ratings which track the evolution of markets.

Universal Ratings also offers innovative ratings of systemic risks. In fact, we rate systems of thousands of stocks, portfolios, funds, corporations, banks. We use supercomputers to take the concept of systemic risk rating to a totally new level, providing truly holistic and strategic information to the global investor.

Universal Ratings provides the first independent, transparent and objective RATING ROBOT which has been engineered specifically for a complex economy.  Science, not opinions.


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